Streamline Online Course Preparation through Automation

Create A To-Do List Per Course

Through creating a to-do list for each course, you will be able to duplicate this at the beginning of each semester.
  1. Organize by course
  2. List actions to make course available to students
  3. Set due dates of actions for each course

Automation of Populating Blackboard Shell

Save time by copying over all of the course sections, including assignments, discussion board posts, and announcements.
  1. Consult your IT department first to see if they copy courses for faculty.
  2. If you need to do it yourself:

Create a Digital Course Calendar

Reference the school's Academic Calendar. Create your own calendar for the course and then share it through the Blackboard shell and use it to guide the automation of announcements and assignments.

Watch the Tutorial Video


Automation of Scheduled Announcements

Utilize Blackboard's scheduling feature to set all of your semester announcements only once.

Automation of Scheduled Assignment

Utilize Blackboard's Adaptive Release to organize the process of student's completing their assignments.

Efficient Discussion Board Workflow

Centralize your inbound communications. Typically everyone uses email, so make all discussion board posts also email you the body of that communication so you know what requires immediate attention or is only quality student group interaction.