Take the sage off the stage by utilizing these tools.

Semmler Technology Grant

‘Through the generous contributions of Dr. Richard Semmler and others, the Annandale Campus is able to offer grants for the purchase of hardware, software or training that supports the use of technology in classrooms, offices, or labs.’

The goal of this project is to provide faculty an opportunity to pilot using an iPad and Apple TV in their classroom to address student inquiry, knowledge construction, and critical thinking. Four Apple TVs are available to rent from the NVCC Technical Applications Center. I suggest requesting a room with HDMI capabilities to try this yourself: http://www.nvcc.edu/annandale/roomRequest/

With this setup, the iPad my be used for exercises addressing student inquiry, knowledge construction, and then critical thinking. Student inquiry refers to learning through asking questions. Knowledge construction refers to learning through experience and reflection. Critical thinking is determining judgement on claims, either accepting, rejecting, or suspending the claim based on prior learning. Using Apps such as The Elements, StarWalk, and Brain Pro (for those teaching science), the iPad can change the way students experience information; leading to new possibilities for learning.

NVCC Faculty Apple TV Rental Request Form

Download this form and email it to the Technology Application Center ( tac@nvcc.edu ) to request an Apple TV rental.